Simple Life

or a travelers’ meandering through South East Asia… 

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.”

-Mark Twain

Wanderer, rambler, drifter, vagabond, roamer, gypsy, nomad, wayfarer,
navigator, trekker, pilgrim, voyager, adventurer, explorer, seeker, just
traveling along life’s lonesome highway.
What ever 2 or 4 wheeled vehicles would fit were welcome. Come one,
come all, yee haw now! I was traveling by private car from Phnom Penh
to the Cham Yeam/ Hat Lek border crossing back to Thailand.
In the Gulf of Thailand, just off their eastern seaboard and west of
Kampuchea there lies Koh Chang (Elephant Island). What a
beautiful place to be back in the day before rampant,
unbridled commercialism ate it alive.


Solo traveling in South East Asia through Cambodia, Laos and Thailand from 2002-2014. Definitely a life changing experience for me. Amazing people, languages, customs, life, history, countryside, fantastic local food & beer! If you haven’t ridden on a 3rd class local buss going from the middle of nowhere to the other side of nowhere, well…